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If you install modern fire alarm systems you will know the programming can be complex, particularly in larger sites where detailed cause and effect logic can cause difficulties. Our engineers are trained by panel manufacturers to completely understand the intricacies of their systems and can help you to get your installation up and running ready for handover professionally and efficiently. We offer various levels of commissioning from second-fixing and numbering devices through to programming, testing and inspection. As part of the process the installation is always thoroughly inspected with any variations from the British Standard noted and passed on to you so you can ensure your system is fully compliant before handover.

Occasionally faults can be evident on an installation and these can take hours to find and rectify. Our engineers will help you trace the root of the problems using the fire alarm hardware itself to identify the problem, be it an open or short circuit, or the dreaded earth fault, saving you time and money.

Fire Alarm System Commissioning